Investment Process

The Fortaleza investment approach is driven by in-depth fundamental research conducted by each experienced investment professionals’ area of expertise. Initial investment ideas are generated by Company Meetings, Industry Conferences, Broker Research, proprietary screens and other organic sources. Companies must exhibit a price appreciation potential before being considered as well as high relative and actual revenue and earnings growth. In addition to these characteristics, we look for companies with strong management teams and leadership in their respective industries. Risk is managed through diversification and strict sell disciplines. Our team executes a uniform investment approach across all market cap classifications.

Qualitative Analysis
Seeking high growth companies that exhibit:
•Strong Management Teams
•Leadership within their Marketplace
•Strong product pipelines
•Strict adherence to accounting governance

Stock Selection
Rigorous group discussion
Minimum price appreciation potential of 20%
Consideration of Companies’ Russell Index Weight
Companies’ Sector exposure relative to market environment
Technical Analysis